Step One

We Will Work With You to Develop A Concept Floor Plan

This allows us to establish a ROM (rough order of magnitude) for your project, clarifying the price to build.

Step Two

We Draft a Detailed Scope of Work

We work directly with you in this vital process. Each detail is scrutinized. Each option is weighed. Cost effectiveness is considered. Revisions continue until you are happy!

Step Three

We Create Architectural Drawings

We begin with a rough draft, then give you the opportunity to review and make revisions. We then make the necessary adjustments to the scope of work to reflect your revisions.

Step Four

Site Work Details Are Negotiated

Final decisions are made on the placement of the home and any additional site work that you may desire such as landscaping, driveway, sidewalks and/or utility support.

Step Five

Finalize the Agreement and Launch the Project!

After a final review of the architectural plans and scope of work, we contract with you for an agreed price. We assist you in the funding process and handle all disbursements. We offer options for creative funding programs that allow a project to proceed with less than 5% out of pocket.