Effective ways to Maximize Your Home Insurance Claim

Home insurance reassures homeowners that they and their homes are protected from harsh weather and accidents. Further, paying less for claims does not fall only to individual adjusters who visit homes.

Only about ten percent of all policyholders actively pursue a claim to ensure they receive the amount they deserve. There are a number of steps you can take to help make the most of your claim.

Review Policy Details
Many policies purposely use vague insurance lingo. You should also review your policy every once in a while to confirm that it still fits your needs and the coverage is all.

Keep Photos for the Record
There has never been an easier time to keep a digital file of pictures and videos of your home. Keep these up to date, noting the current state of your home and belongings.

Take pictures of and note the condition of your home’s exterior if a bad storm lies ahead. These records will provide your insurer with before and after proof, preventing them from saying any damage stemmed from overuse. By doing this, they cannot find a loophole and end up paying you less.

Fully Report Any Damage
Along with taking photos of any damage, you could also hire an independent adjuster. These professionals can then report any damages with no bias.

Keep records and copies of all receipts and work estimates. This will help you prepare a full account of damaged items. Make certain to include items’ initial price, rough date of purchase and estimated replacement cost.

Quickly Repair Damages
Be quick to fix! Save all paperwork relating to repairs since the insurer will require copies before paying for the costs. These precautions will make it harder for insurers to dismiss a portion of your claim.

Clarify Details of Your Home Insurance Claim
If your insurer rejects a claim at first, don’t assume the policy doesn’t cover the claim’s item. Let’s say, for example, that they reject a claim for mold because the policy doesn’t cover mold.

You can count on the fact that insurance companies will try harder to avoid fully paying on claims. Some insurers can treat their policyholders terribly in the event of a claim. At DMJ Restorations we take pride in the fact that our team has many years of experience in working as a “go-between” with homeowners and insurance adjusters. Contact DMJ today for your FREE consultation.