Traditional Style Interior Look: A Touch of Class

Traditional decor is neat and integrated and you won’t find piles of clutter or things that look out of place. Everything belongs and has a purpose with traditional decorating. Each article is likely going to be carefully placed to ensure that it is centered in the room.

Among the hallmarks of the traditional classic style home is that the style of the furniture is consistent. Furniture is usually placed in pairs and the arrangements all match. The rooms have a formal feel and you aren’t likely to find abstract paintings or stainless-steel tables in a traditional home.

Traditional accessories often are available in pairs, like pairs of lamps, pairs of vases, and pairs of plants. Use wall art, but don’t accompany abstract prints. Try still-life or nature scenes instead.

You won’t find wild color and industrial lighting in a traditional home. Your home is going to look consistent and the patterns and colors are going to match.

Wallpaper is a common wall treatment and the moldings should be a glossy white. You will find an abundance of crown moldings and ceiling medallions in traditional homes. If they are not wallpapered, the walls are going to be painted a light color.

The curtains you choose can be floral, single or striped colors. Stay away from bright, modern colors and stick with dark and light colors.

Dark wood furniture is common. You want to avoid straight modern lines on the furniture you choose.

The furniture will generally be upholstered and the lines are going to be classic. The furniture you choose should not be single and fussy colors or simple patterns are going to work well with this style.

The dinette area is most likely to be very formal with a large dark wood dining-table and buffet. A scatter rug is most likely to sit under the table and the table and chairs should match. The floors are usually wood in traditional homes.

You might find bookcases stocked with books in the traditional home and you will also find ornate gold mirrors. The lamps are going to have classic styling with ivory or white shades.